Introduction: How to Get a Good Reflection Picture Using an Iphone

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Have you ever looked at a cool background picture and thought "wow that looks amazing! i wish i could do that!" and then you find out how much those fancy cameras cost. then you think "screw it. i'll never be able to take a cool picture like that." if that has ever happened to you (that happened to me) then you've come to the right place! i'm going to show you how to take a great picture like the ones you see in the background of a computer with only an iphone!

Step 1: Location

the first thing your going to want to do is find a good location. like in my picture. (the quality looks bad but it's not) go on a hike, go to a pond or a lake. something with water. you can even use a glass or bowl of water! just make sure you have something that can make a good reflection.

Step 2: Your Iphone

make sure you have a newer generation of iPhone. older versions don't have very many effects on them. heck, the really old ones don't even have cameras! my phone is an iPhone 5. i don't suggest using an iPhone 4. it doesn't have any effects on it. you don't even have to use an iPhone! you can use and iPod too! you should probably use a newer generation like the Phones.

Step 3: Taking the Picture

here's the part that everyone's been waiting for! the picture. to do this get into a good position. or if you have a stand to place your iPhone/iPod on. i didn't use a stand. to get into a good position i usually squat or sit on my knees. if you can you can lay down. just make sure you rest your elbows on a flat surface. this will make your hands steadier. open up the camera app. in the top left corner there should be a bubble like icon. open it and there are effects. the one best for reflections is Crome. it is the second box. once you have that effect on, aim your camera to the body of water you want to take a picture of. and focus it. just tap the screen on the place you want it. there is one tip that i love to do when taking good pictures. you can press down on the volume button and it takes a picture. that way you can hold the phone with both hands. this way your hands will be steadier and the picture will look better. once you have done all this then take the picture and look at the results.

Step 4: Good Job!

if you followed all my tips then you should have gotten a good picture. if you didn't you did not listen to me. but if you did get a good picture that's great! you can use it for the background on you computer or phone. and you show it off to your friends. just tell them that you did it with an iPhone and you'll be pretty cool. hopefully. you can use these tips and tricks to take other pictures of water with great reflections! here are pictures of some of mine.

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