Introduction: How to Make a Necklace From a Shard of Glass

This is a simple procedure to turn a dangerous and otherwise useless shard of glass into a work of art!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

You will need the following:
A Bucket
Cutting Pliers
Glass Chippers
A Glass File
16’’-18’’ chain
A clasp
Wire (20-24 gage)
A shard of glass

Also Note: A shard of glass can be found anywhere, try not to get cut though! Gloves are helpful, also, while chipping the glass, safety goggles are recommended, but not necessary.

Step 2: Chipping the Glass

Hold Glass away from face and inside bucket. Apply pressure to glass from chipper while holding glass, be careful as glass is still rigid and sharp, and may cause cuts.

Step 3: Get Your Pieces

Continue to chip until you have pieces small enough to add to your necklace, and then arrange the pieces to make sure your necklace will look nice, symmetry is pretty, but not necessary to have a beautiful piece!

Step 4: Filing Down the Edges of the Pieces

Hold the file above the container to make sure glass dust falls into the bucket. Continue to file until all edges and points are smooth or dull to the touch.

Step 5: Making Wire Loops!

Pinch out a bit of wire and then wrap it around the pliers to create a loop. Cut off any excess wire on one side, but make sure to have some left attached to wrap the glass piece.

Step 6: Placing the Wire

Make sure to center the wire and keep the loop parallel to the glass piece.

Step 7: Wrapping the Glass

Wrap the glass in a nice and pretty style, make sure to have it be stable so the glass will not fall out of the wiring from any side.

Step 8: Finish Him! (That Individual Piece of Glass)

Wrap the rest of the silver wire around the original loop, as to finish the wiring and create a final stable cage for the glass piece to stay in. Repeat for all the pieces!

Step 9: Putting It All Together!

Connect the clasps to the ends of the chain via jumprings. Then connect the pieces to the chain through jumprings, place them however you wish, and remember, symmetry is nice, but not necessary!

Step 10: Admire Your Beauty!!

Give it to that special woman in your life: your mom!!!

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