Introduction: How to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly

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This origami butterfly is absolutely beautiful and looks even better with nice origami paper. The wings spread out nicely and the body comes up a little to give it a more realistic look. The head adds another dimension of realism and if you like, you can make and attach some antennas for a more complete look.

Step 1: Cut Out a Square From a Piece of Colored Card or Paper

Cut out a square from a piece of colored card or paper – the bigger the piece, the easier the folds are to make. 4”x4” is a good size for a small butterfly, 6”x6” for a medium butterfly and 10”x10” for a large butterfly. These sizes are just guides – any square piece will work. Don’t go any smaller than 3”x3”, or you’ll really struggle to make the folds.

Step 2: ​Turn the Square Over and Fold Along the Diagonals

Turn the square over and fold along one of the diagonals then unfold. Fold along the other diagonal then unfold.

Step 3: ​Fold the Square in Half

Fold the square in half horizontally then unfold. Fold the square in half vertically then unfold.

Step 4: Flatten the Sides Above and Below

Holding two opposite sides, push the centres together until they meet in the middle of the square. Flatten the sides above and below so you’re left with a flat triangle with several layers.

Step 5: Take the Bottom Corners of the Top Layer...

Take the bottom corners of the top layer triangle and fold them to meet at the top corner.

Step 6: ​Turn the Card Over and Fold the Top of the Triangle Backwards...

Turn the card over and fold the top of the triangle backwards over the bottom edge, so the tip sticks out a little bit. Make sure you don’t flatten the raised edges in the process – these will form part of the butterfly’s wings and make it look more real.

Step 7: Tuck the Tip That Sticks Out Over...

Tuck the tip that sticks out over the side and turn the card over. Fold in half and you’re done.