Introduction: How to Make "solar Cooker" (Simple Solar Cooker) DIY Project


  1. Shoe Box
  2. Aluminum Foil
  3. Black Chart/Cloth
  4. Thermocol
  5. Glass sheet/Plexiglass/Acrylics sheet/Transparent Food Film
  6. Cardboard
  7. Glue
  8. Cutter
  9. Tape
  10. Scissors

Step 1: Procedure

  1. First of all, seal the shoebox with tape.
  2. Then after sealing the box, use thermocol to make boundaries inside the box.
  3. Before pasting thermocol, cover thermocol with aluminum foil and then paste them inside the box as shown in the video.
  4. Now to cover the bottom of the box, take cardboard and paste black chart/cloth to it and then paste it to the bottom of the box. (Note - If you want to increase the capacity of the cooker, use a bigger box.)
  5. Cut out the side flaps of the box and paste them to the top bigger flap.
  6. Now, let's paste aluminum foil to all the flaps of the box. (Try to keep the foil straight while pasting.)
  7. Seal each and every gap in the box with tape and hot glue.
  8. Now, paste the glass/plexiglass/acrylics sheet or film as shown.
  9. Now, cover all the shoeboxes with black paint/cloth to increase heat conductivity.

Step 2: Solar Cooker Is Ready...

Step 3: Check This Video for Directions...

Step 4: Working Video of the Cooker...