Introduction: How to Use Pencil Shavings to Draw

This instructable will go through the steps needed to mend pencil shavings.

You will need:

- dull pencils

- pencil shavers

- Drawing Paper

Step 1: Shave Pencils

Take a couple pencils that are dull and shave them onto the drawing paper. I recommend starting off with your lighter pencils.

Step 2: Use

Using your fingers, press the shavings below your fingertips and move them along the paper to draw. If you need parts to be darker, shave a darker pencil on to your drawing paper. You can manipulate where the dark goes by shaving it over specific areas of the drawing.

Step 3: Display

Once your drawing is complete blow off the remaining shavings and your drawing is complete and can be hung. These shavings can be saved for another time.

Step 4: