Introduction: How to Mix Colours

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Hi I'm going to show you how to mix colours.

Step 1: Basics of Colours

In world, there are many type of colors: cold colour, warm colour, primary colour , secondary colour, etc. But I am going to show simple colours. I mix these colours with poster colours.
But you can make these with any medium.

Here, I made this basic small color wheel for understanding. In first circle, these are primary colors: Red, yellow and blue. These are basic colours from that you can make secondary colour.

In second circle, these are secondary colours: Orange, green, and purple.

Now as you can see in right side , these are extra colours that I made with primary colors and. secondary colours.

Step 2: Mixing the Colors

You need:
Poster colour ( any medium you can use)
Colour knife ( I got free with poster colours)

Step 3: Mixing the Colour With Colour Knife/palette Knife

Take a colour knife, take some amount of colour( depends how much you want) and put in palette.
if you are taking colour from bottle, dip the knife in water, (I am using colours from bottle)
Take another colour and mix the both colour together.

Step 4: Mixing the Colour With Brush

Take a brush and dip in colour and put the colour in palette.
Take another colour and mix together.
(note: While taking the another colour, dip the brush in water, so that the previous colour will not mix in bottle itself. )

Step 5:

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