Introduction: How to Paint Pumpkins for Halloween!

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This is a tutorial on how to paint pumpkins! It's fairly easy, and unlike carving, little kids can do this, too! Mine is one the left, and my baby sisters is on the right. Cute, right? Sorry it took so long to post, but who says you can't do this after Halloween, too? So thank you for viewing, hope you enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

You will need acrylic paint (I got this set from, on a foam plate, one medium and one small paintbrush, and of course one pumpkin! (I got this cute little pie pumpkin from HEB)

Step 2: Paint the Pumpkin

I painted a sweet little house and some grass so far, but you can paint what you want. I also painted Star Butterfly on my other pumpkin. My little sister painted hers with a scary face.

Step 3: Still Painting the Pumpkin

I added a streetlamp, a neighborhood, and a sunset sky. It's supposed to be a early Halloween night scene.

Step 4: Glittering Your Pumpkin

You can also glitter your pumpkin! Just paint with mod podge or slightly watered down glue and dip in glitter. Put a piece of parchment paper under your pumpkin so you can pour excess glitter back into the jar. To do the bottom, take a small bowl or measuring cup and place a piece of parchment over it. Put the pumpkin upside down on top of it, and glitter it some more. You can also hot glue hair or eyes to the pumpkin.

Step 5: One More Thing

I painted a face on the other side of the pumpkin, which you can do, too, if you want. I made the mouth look carved, and I painted the stem blue. You could paint a skeleton face on it instead for the day of the dead. So, thank you for viewing, hope you enjoyed, and Happy Halloween and Dia de los muertos! Hope I spelled that right :)

Step 6:

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