Introduction: How to Paint a Half and Half Tree Landscape

This is a beautiful painting that you can hang anywhere around your house. I can show you a step by step on how to make this so YOU can hang this proudly in your house too.


12 by 24 canvas



set of brushes

acrylic paint, all the colors of the rainbow

black and white paint


paint palette or paper plate, something to put paint in.

(OPTIONAL) blow dryer, to dry paint faster.

Step 1: Divide the Canvas

Divide the canvas in half vertically , then place tape on the right side of the line.

Step 2: Add Red Paint

add red paint to the top left part of the canvas. Make sure for steps 2-5 the paint is still wet.

Step 3: Add Yellow Paint

add yellow paint to the bottom left part of the canvas

Step 4: Add Orange Paint

add orange paint inbetween

Step 5: Blend

blend all three colors into one another and it should look like this

Step 6: Sketch

sketch a line about two inches above the bottom of the canvas. Also sketch the outline of half a tree. Make sure the paint was dry.

Step 7: Start to Color the Tree.

When you finish outlining the tree, paint it black, along with the part of the canvas below the line

Step 8: Details

use a small black brush to draw a little girl on a swing. color the swing and the girl black.

Step 9: More Details

draw a little boy with flowers facing the girl on the swing. color that black too.

Step 10: Starting the Other Half

make sure that what you have done is COMPLETELY dry. take the tape off the right side of the line, and put a new piece on the other side of the line.

Step 11: Add Blue and Pink Paint

the same way you added the red and yellow paint on the right side, add blue and pink paint. blue on the top, and pink on the bottom. Make sure the paint is wet for the next step.

Step 12: Add Purple

add purple paint in-between, and blend it together

Step 13: Joining the Sides

Wait for the paint to dry. Take the tape off the left side of the line, and sketch a line and the other half of the tree continuing from the left side. the tree doesn't need as much detail on the right side. paint the tree and below the line black.

Step 14: Flowers

take two colors of your choice plus white ( I used two shades of pink and white ) put them together like this

Step 15: Continuing Flowers

dip in a brush that you dint really care about, or one with a ruined tip, and push the point down on the picture. it should look like this.

Step 16: Sketching Again

sketch the swing again on this side. paint it black.

Step 17: Sketching More

sketch a man on his knee proposing to a woman standing.

Step 18: Paint Both Black

Paint the man and woman black.

Step 19: Finishing Touches on the Dark Side

add a moon and stars

Step 20: Finishing Touches on the Lighter Side

add leaves floating.

Step 21: Your Done!