Introduction: How to Perfectly Cut Open a Coconut Shell to Be Used in Other Craft Works

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Coconut shells can be used to make many craft works, provided you cut open the shell to a perfect shape without damaging the shell. You can see few collections of creations made with coconut shells here:

Most of the times you will damage the shell while opening the nut or the shape may not be with perfect edges making it unsuitable for any craft work.

This instructable will guide you on how to cut open a coconut shell to a perfect shape without damaging it.

Step 1: Husk the Coconut

Husk a fresh coconut and remove the nut from fibrous husks.

Please see my instructable on how to husk a coconut at the following link :

Step 2: Cut With a Hacksaw

Hold the husked coconut with one hand and make an incision with a hacksaw all around the nut. You can make the incision wherever you like with respect to the type craft you will be making.

Once you complete the incision in a circle around the nut, deepen the cut so that the hacksaw blade just reaches the soft flesh inside.

Step 3: Open the Coconut and Drain Out Water

Insert a sharp knife into the cut we already made and move it along the incision. You can penetrate the soft flesh inside with the knife which will enable you to drain out the water. Now move the knife all around the cut and open the coconut.

Now you have a perfectly cut coconut with the flesh intact

Step 4: Remove the Coconut Flesh

Here you will have to use a knife with a flexible blade which bends along the curvature between the hard shell and the soft flesh.

  • Hold a piece in your hand and insert the blade between the shell and flesh.
  • Lightly move the blade in a circular motion along the edge.
  • At the same time lightly press the knife downwards while moving the blade along the edge.
  • This will push the coconut flesh upwards and dislodge it from the shell.
  • Do this for both the pieces.

Now you have two halves of coconut shell perfectly cut open without any damage.

Unleash your imagination and create whatever you like with the shell.

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