Introduction: How to Put on Eyeshadow

This tutorial can be used for any type of look you're going for

Step 1: Picking Your Inner and Outer Corner Color

For a smokey effect, pick a dark color for your outer corner, and then choose a light color that goes well with the outer corner for your inner corner

Step 2: Outer Corner

Your outer corner should extend past about half an inch from the end of your eyelid. Apply the darker color at that point and drag it down to the base of your lid. Bring the color up to your eye crease and blend it out.

Step 3: Inner Lid Color

You will need to once again pick a color, but this time for your inner lid. Make sure it goes well with the other colors (In this case, I'm using pink to blend with the brown in my inner corner)

Step 4: Inner Lid

Apply the color from the middle of your lid to the outer corner and blend it out with the darker shade.

Step 5: Spray Your Brush

When applying a light/metallic color, dip your brush in the shade and spray the brush with setting spray (or mineral spray)

Step 6: Inner Corner

By adding setting spray to the eyeshadow, you're making the color pop. Apply the color to the inner corner of your eye, then buff it out to blend with the pink on your inner lid.

Step 7: Under Eye Color

Use the same color for your under lid that you used for the outer corner . Instead of using the same brush, use a smaller, more defined one.

Step 8: Under Lid

Make sure you're looking up, and apply the eyeshadow directly underneath your eye. Blend up and reach the color on your outer corner.

Step 9: Setting Spray

Finalize your makeup by using setting spray to keep your eyeshadow locked in place for hours on end. You're look is complete.