Introduction: How to Recycle Old Windows Into Small Greenhouses

I have 2 old barns and found a lot of old windows that I made into a mini greenhouse. I used scrap wood and old barn wood.

I still have my large garden, but use these boxes to start planting earlier. Also, it protects my salad greens from bugs, animals, and my dogs peeing on them.

Step 1: Collect Materials

1. Gather all of your materials that you will need to complete the project.

2. Windows

3. Nails

4. Wood

5. Saw and hammer

6. Hinges (optional)

Step 2: Cut Boxes and Nail Together

1. Each window was a different size. So we had to measure each window and cut the wood to fit the windows as we went. I had a lot of scrap wood around the farm, so we made the best use of it as we (my son and I) could.

2. Measure, mark and cut.

3. Screw together the 4 sides. Very simple........ I don't need them to last forever just a few seasons

4. Set the box where you want them. I set mine close to the house by the kitchen door.

5. Repeat until you have all your boxes complete.

The last mini greenhouse we paired two windows up and screwed in wood to hold them together. I planted Spinach in this one and it is sprouting already!

Step 3: Soil & Seeds

1. First, I lay an old feed bag/plast plastic inside the box.

2. Then, I add the soil.

3. I had a few boxes with lettuce and salad greens already growing in from my growroom. So i transplanted them into the mini greenhouse boxes.

4. I also had a few where i planted the seeds directly into the box. I used seeds from plants that like colder weather.

Step 4: Water & Cover

1. First, I water all my boxes thoroughly.

2. Place the windows over the top......Or attach windows with hinges to open windows without lifting/removing the lid.

3. water often.

Step 5: Waiting.......

1. Check on the plants and Water often.

2. I planted mine and that night the temp was in the 30s and the plants were fine. And my seeds are sprouting.

3. These boxes get 4 to 5 hours of light a day, but still dry out fast.

4. The boxes are close to the house which makes it easier to cut some salad greens for dinner!

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