Introduction: How to Replace Rear Wheel's Tube on Xiaomi Electric Scooter M365

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Have you got your wheel flat? We will see all the steps needed to replace the rear wheel's tube on the Xiaomi electric scooter Mijia M365. I use Amazon's spare tube to repair the wheel. I bought the tube for 10 €, a bit expensive but it is the most convenient for me.

I use spoons to remove the tire from the rim. You need to put the tire in the microwave and you also need Vaseline. You need two allen screwdrivers. In the next video I will show you how to put the anti-puncture liquid.

Step 1: Remove Side Reflective Sticker

Use a knife to remove the side reflective stickers in the rear wheel

Step 2: Remove Side Protective Case

Use an allen screwdriver to remove the protective case in both sides, there are two allen screw in each side.

Step 3: Remove the Screw on the Wheel Shaft

There is one screw in each side of the wheel, use an allen screwdriver to remove both screws.

Step 4: Remove the Tire From the Wheel

Use two spoons to remove the tire from the wheel, use the spoons as tension bar.

Step 5: Put the Tire in the Microwave for 1 Minute

Put the tire in the microwave for 1 minute

Step 6: Put Vaseline to the Rim

Put Vaseline all around the wheel rim, this way would be possible to fit the tire back in the wheel rim

Step 7: Put the Tube Inside the Tire

Put the tube inside the tire

Step 8: Press the Tire Toward the Wheel

Apply pressure to the tire on the wheel until is fit back

Step 9: Mount the Wheel in the Wheel Shaft

Use the allen screw to mount back the wheel in the rear

Step 10: Mount the Protections

Mount the protections

Step 11: Inflate the Wheel

Use a pump to inflate the wheel, 50 psi or 3,8 BAR.