Introduction: How to Salvage a DVD Drive for Free Parts

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Have you ever wonder what is inside those optical drives that can be used ?

When I was a kid it was really interesting for me to know ways to recycle parts.

Even now it is something i find fun and interesting.

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There are two Top reasons to do it.

  • It saves a lot of money and get new parts.
  • It Improves the knowledge of things around you.

Today I am gonna show you how to salvage an old Optical Drive. May it be DVD/CD ,both have most things in common, we will learn about each part and how to take them apart.

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Step 1: How to Open the DVD Drive



Start by unscrewing the four screws that hold the DVD /CD drive.

Be careful as the chassis is too sharp.

It can cut your fingers.

I had been the victim
rather should I say, I had signed with my DNA

Once the Chassis is opened the next job is to unplug all the ribbon cables from the main board .

Step 2: The DC Motor

The DC motor is held by some clips ,slightly remove the clip to get access the board of the dc motor.
Before the removing the motor take care to remove its ribbon cable.
While removing the Motor it might be stuck to a pulley with a rubber cable,remove that to take it apart.
The board has three part that can be reused .

  1. A 5V DC Motor
  2. 1 LED
  3. 1 Push Button

Function of this part

This motor combined with a pulley and gear (rack and pinion ) makes the eject mechanism for the drive. In short the the ejection and retrieving of DVD drive is controlled by it .

Step 3: The Brushless DC

The next thing to salvage is the Brushless motor.
Gone are those time when getting brushless are tough.
Lots of DVD drive are useless these days so getting a lot of brushless motor is too easy.

What is a brushless motor ?
These motor in the pictures in the pictures are of those brushless that mean these motor have the rotor as permanent magnets and the stator

Function of this part

This is the motor that spins the CD or DVD Since high speed is required for reading quickly the brushless motor is chosen for the purpose.

Project you can try with the motors

Step 4: The Stepper Motor and the Slide Draft

After freeing the BLDC we are left with the drive mechanism from which we get to extract a stepper motor and the slide mechanism .

The stepper motor has just two screws to me unscrewed to be made free .
And the shaft by turning a knob at the bottom of the drive.

There is also the laser module which we will extract soon.

Function of this part

The Stepper motor is also called the sled motor . This motor causes the slider to move in a horizontal direction.With this stepper motor and the brushless motor, the optical drive reads the data in a DC or DVD .

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Step 5: The Laser Diode

After removing the shaft left is the laser module in the slider .
The laser is held with a glue .
Try to cut the glue to get access to the diode.
You can try a hot air gun, but I don't have any still so I could not use it.
Do tell me if it is possible.

Function of this part

The laser forms an integral part of the optical system which makes it possible for the DVD drive to read the data.

Projects you can make

Step 6: The Magnets

Neodymium magnets are in the optical lens to use for focus I guess as it had coil also making an EM - field .

What is Neodymium ?

Neodymium is a chemical element with symbol Nd and atomic number 60.

Neodymium is used as a component in the alloys used to make high-strength neodymium magnets—powerful permanent magnets.

Function of this part

It is used to focus the beam of laser along with a coil making an EM Field

Step 7: The Optical Lens

Lastly,we take apart the optical lens from the drive.
The lens is a small biconvex lens.

Be careful while taking apart the lens as it might be damaged if not handled with care.
I crushed the glued part first (plastic),making the glass free and then taking it apart.
use some tissue to kept it scratch less .

Function of this part

The lens is just to focus the beam of the laser.

what next ?

I will show what you can do out of those drive parts .

Next will be coming soon so stay subscribed :)

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