Arduino Mini Pen Plotter




Introduction: Arduino Mini Pen Plotter

I am now explore the possibility of my Lazer cutter.

From now, 100mW lazer can be used to cut paper, vinyl adhesive sheets...

but I found that the same structure can also be used as pen plotter.

Just take off the lazer diode and insert a pen.

Remark :

In this video, the outcome is not very good because I did not screw the pen tightly. (It is made of plastic and I don't want to broken it)




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    Help me please.... :(( Where i find software for this hardware? I have 1 arduino uno+3 EasyDriver and 3 motors stepper but not find software for this. Thank you!

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    It is the same as the CNC.

    ie. the UNO should have GRBL firmware

    and the PC may have universal G-code sender.