Introduction: How to Section Your Hair for Braids and Dreadlocks

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In this quick illustrated video, Doc will lead you through how to section your hair for braids and dreadlocks! Ready to learn some basics? Follow along in the video!

Step 1: Fan

For the fan method,part the first row in 3 half circles. The next row should center its sections above the part lines of the row below. It is not necessary to part an entire row at once. This style is easily adaptable to a "part as you go" method. Continue working in rows until you're above the ears, once there, complete the front hairline. section the rest of the hair accordingly.

Step 2: Triangle

For the triangle method, you will start by creating a line just at the nape of the neck. The height of this row should be the same size as the width of your triangles. Create your first triangle in the center and create your other triangles in this row stemming of the center triangle.

Create your second row. Create center triangle. The points from this center triangle should intersect with the center triangle below. Each row will be created in the same way until you reach the crown.

Once you've reached the crown, part the section into three rows. Starting in the front, part your center triangle. finish the remaining rows, intersecting the points of the triangles whenever possible.

Step 3: Brick

Brick partings are sectioned off row-by-row. Starting at the nape, carve off a row and section off your center brick. Typically the bottom row has three sections.

Carve your second row. The sectioning for this row will be off set, so the braids or dreadlocks fall over the part lines of the sections just below. Offsetting your sections insures that you will be able to show your work, not your scalp.

Continue sectioning until you reach the crown. Part the crown into three rows. Complete the front hairline first, working your way back to complete your style.