Introduction: How to Transfer Image Onto Pebble. Quick and Easy Trick

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I would like to share how I decorate pebbles quick and easy. It's not a gel medium or blender pen method which can be found on the Internet. It's a clear nail polish trick, inexpensive and really easy.

Please notice, this method works only with black and white laser print-outs. Color or inkjet print-outs won't transfer.


  • Pebbles (or any other smooth material, not big in size, such as a piece of wood or glass or smooth clay pendant, etc.)
  • Clear nail polish
  • Any alcohol containing liquid (vodka, cologne, rubbing alcohol, etc)
  • Computer with any photo editor program and a laser printer
  • Acrylic varnish (not necessarily but recommended for a really long-lasting result).

Here is a quick video tutorial:

Step 1: Find a Necessary Image, Flip It Horizontally in Any Photo Editor and Make It Small to Fit Your Chosen Pebble

As a Photo Editor I use Gimp. After flipping an image in Gimp I copied it to the Word (Open Office) program and made it small to fit a pebble (measuring by eye actually).

If the chosen image doesn't include words, it's not necessary to flip it horizontally, it will look an opposite direction after transferring onto a stone but it's fine for pictures.

Step 2: Print Out the Image on a Black and White Laser Printer and Cut It Out to Fit the Pebble

Step 3: Apply Clear Nail Polish to Pebble. Let It Dry Completely

Step 4: Take Any Alcohol Containing Liquid and Soak an Image in There for 3-5 Seconds

I used a cheap alcohol containing medicine from a local drug store but it can be vodka, cologne, etc.

Step 5: Place an Image Face Down to a Pebble, Wait for 20-30 Seconds and Peel It Off

Step 6: Apply a Coat of Acrylic Varnish to Protect the Result From Wear-off. Let It Dry

Actually the result is nice and lasts long without an acrylic coat but if you want to keep this art almost forever acrylic layer is necessary.

Step 7: Done, Done!

The longest part of this project is choosing a necessary image, all other work takes maximum 10 minutes.

Hope you'll find this tutorial useful!

Welcome to visit my Youtube channel, I temporary don't upload new videos, oh so busy summer :), but I will start soon.

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