Introduction: How to Wrap the Most Perfect Holiday Gifts Ever!! (Elevate Your Gift Wrapping Easily)

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Can you believe it?! The holidays are already in full swing! That means Christmas parties, white elephant gift exchanges, and showing true appreciation for the ones we love. Well I’ve earned my claim to fame amongst my friends to be not only the best gift-giver but also the best gift wrapper! Most have still never opened their gifts for them being wrapped so nicely. So I want to share with you some of my tips and tricks to wow your coworkers, and impress your girlfriends/boyfriends family with these elevated gift wrapping skills if you’ve been the one wrapping all your gifts in aluminum foil! I got your back!😉


-12 x 12 x 4 Boxes (ideal Square Shape)
-Wrapping paper of your choice
-Fabric ribbon (festive colors) + embellishments
-Tissue paper (to cover gift inside)
-Flat Note Card + Sharpie
-A Willing Spirit!

Step 1: Size of Box

I’ve found that some of the most appealing boxes to gift are the perfectly square boxes. They remind us of the Macy’s holiday display with their whimsical touch. These boxes have so much personality and can be reused as a photo shoe box. We gotta look out for the environment wherever we can.🌎

Step 2: Your Wrapping Paper

When picking your wrapping paper you want to think about the person your are gifting. What is in the box and wrapped around it should reflect their personalities. (Ex. Are they into fashion? Is this for your step parents? Do they like puppies? Star Wars fans? Or have a love for the minimalist flair?)

Aim for a simplistic yet subtle paper as it will act as your base color to your layered gift wrapping.

Step 3: A Hand Written Card

This is the final step but hands down the most important. Away with those generic holiday cards this season! It’s all about latching on to personalization and authenticity. Whip out those black and gold sharpies pen that have been collecting dust and let’s spread some love. Whether it be an inside joke or thankfulness for their impact in your life, truly take a moment to express your emotions. With so much hate going on in the world and technology having is preoccupied, we often miss out on the best times to spread genuine appreciation to our loved ones.

Step 4: Lastly✨

I hope this guide helps you spread the love this holiday season and help you gain a couple of brownie points amongst your friends and family. Make sure you photograph their reaction as well, trust me it’s priceless!✨💕

Update: I actually came right out of a huge surgery while preparing for this instructable. I’ve been stuck in the bed and not able to do anything else but by being able to put this craft together, I’ve been able to feel more able bodied and independent like I used to and it has truly brighten up my little world. I’m a bit out of breathe but thankful this project has me moving and feeling sort of normal again. It has been the perfect confidence boost I needed. 💕✨ thanks team!💕

Step 5: Your Ribbon + Embellishments

This is one of my favorite parts! You can never go wrong with brown paper packaging tied up with string! (These are a few of my favorite things!!) These ribbons should always be fabric. Satin or twine are my go to. They really add a home style touch as though you have gotten them wrapped professionally . You can add small trinkets to the top if you’re feeling fancy. You can finally redeem yourself for all the past years! I suggest you photograph yourself doing it just in case the don’t believe you! 😉

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