Introduction: How to Crochet in the Round (traditional & Spiral)

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In today's Instructable we're gonna learn how to work a project in rounds.

If you are planning to begin a circular project, this is something that you must know, because there are two different ways to work in rounds, and each one of them it's going to give you a different result.

So, let's begin! =D

Step 1: Video Tutorial

*** TIMELINE ***

0:00 Introduction

0:45 Tutorial (traditional way)

2:09 Tutorial (spiral way)

4:27 Tips and Tricks

4:37 Ending

Step 2: Phototutorial / STEP 01

Once that we have finished the stitches of the first round, we can start working the second one in the traditional or the spiral way.

But first, we have to pull the leftover yarn of the ring to close it.

Step 3: Phototutorial / TRADITIONAL WAY

if you have chosen to make it in the traditional way, you have to work a slip stitch to join the first and the last stitch of the first round.

To make the slip stitch, you have to introduce the hook in the top of the first stitch of the round, yarn over and pull the hook through the chain, now, pull again the hook with the same piece of yarn but now through the first loop on the hook counting from right to left.

Step 4: Phototutorial / TRADITIONAL WAY

And this is how you finish your first round in the traditional way.

Step 5: Phototutorial / TRADITIONAL WAY: ADVICE

Don't forget that when you’re working in rounds in the traditional way, at the beginning of each round you have to work some extra chains to give height to your first stitch.

For this example i’m working single crochet, so i only work one chain at the beginning of the round.

Step 6: Phototutorial / SPIRAL

If we chose to work in rounds using the spiral way, once that we have finished the first round’s stitches, we’re not going to make a slip stitch to join the round, instead, we’re going to start working right away the first stitch of the second round.

For example, once that i have finished my first round, to begin the second one, i’m going to work a single crochet in the first stitch of the last round.

To make it, introduce the hook in the first stitch, grab a piece of yarn, pull the hook through the stitch (you should have two loops on the hook), now yarn over and pull the hook through the two loops on it.

Step 7: Phototutorial / SPIRAL

And this is how in the spiral way we begin the second round.

Step 8: Photutorial / SPIRAL: ADVICE

A stitch marker is a must when you are working in spiral, because as you can see, it can be very difficult to identify the beginning or ending of each round (unlike the traditional way where it’s really clear).

If you want you can buy a stitch marker in the yarn store, but also you can make it by yourself, and the only thing that you have to do is find a leftover of a past project, it works the same but it’s less expensive =).

It doesn’t matter what kind of stitch marker you have decided to use, always, you have to put it in the first stitch of the new round (in case that you are using a leftover, you can use your hook to place it in the stitch).

Once that you have the stitch marker in its place, you can start working the round, and when we get to the stitch with the marker, we are gonna know that a round ends and a new one begins.

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