Introduction: How to Draw an Epic Dragon

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First of all, if you are going to draw a dragon, you need paper. Of course.

Step 1:

Now you need to draw the head. We will be making this dragon out of shapes, and then erasing extra lines. Note: this is your drawing.
Not mine. You don't need to draw it  just like I do. These are just basic guidelines for you to get the idea. :)
Next, as the picture shows, use shapes to draw the head and wings. Next, fill in the wings and draw the body,and start on the limbs.

Step 2:

Now, draw in the limbs. This shouldn't be too hard. You should also draw the tail. As the last picture indicates, erase all extra lines. Add extras like horns and spikes. Don't forget to draw your dragon an eye! :) Once all lines have been erased, and all extras have been added, you will be finished with your dragon. Easy, huh?