Introduction: How to Draw the Instructables Robot

This is a simple instructable on how to draw the wonderful and adorable Instructables Robot! Sorry for the unclear pictures, i did my best with what i have!

Here's the material you will need:

Blurring tool

Step 1: The Body

The first part we will draw is the body. Grab a white sheet and take your time while drawing. I like to make small lines and then pass over them with a bigger, darker line to cover up the little ones. It also makes it look smoother. We will also draw the small details on his body.

Step 2: Arms

We will now proceed to drawing his arms.

Step 3: Head

Next, his marvelous head! Be sure to get every details.

Step 4: Legs and Shadows

To finish the robot, the next step is his legs. After that, you can add a little shadowing to make it more round and interesting! You can even add a title at the end.

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