Introduction: How to Embed a Video

Hello fellow makers! Today I will show you how to embed a video into your instructables project to make it even more awesome!

Step 1: Find Your Video!

To first embed the video you must find the video you would like to embed on youtube. ( The one i'm using is for my swan instructable)

Step 2: Find the Link!

To find the embed link just copy the url of the video.

Step 3: Embed It!

Go to the instructable you would like to embed the video into. (My swan instructable) Make a step dedicated to the video. Find the embed button and click it. (The youtube looking button) A drop down menu should appear. Click the text box and paste the embed code then click preview. Now click done. It should appear in the box where the pictures go.

Step 4: Yay! You're Done!

Now you have made your instructable even more awesome!

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The video is above if you would like to watch