Introduction: Lego Star Wars X-Wing

Hello everybody, today I will show you how to make a NEW LEGO X-Wing!

Step 1: Materials:

For the X-wing you will need a few Lego pieces (Sorry if I don't use right name)

Main body:
2 1x1 black bricks
Clear 1x1 Roof tile
1 Angular Brick
Black 1x1 Roof tile
Brick 1x1 with 4 knobs
2 1x1 flat tile
1 1x1 round plate

1 1x2 Brick with 4 knobs
4 up right 1x1 holder
1 plate 1x2 with 1 knob

4 1x2 radiator grill
4 light saber holders
4 mini handles

If you don't know these prices just look at the parts you need from the pictures

Step 2: Main Body

To build the main body you need to get the 4 knobbed 1x1 and put the flat plate tiles on 2 of the sides. Then add the round 1x1 plate on another side. Then add the angled brick with the clear 1x1 roof tile on top of the knobbed brick. After that stack two 1x1 bricks with a 1x1 roof tile on the top on top of the angled brick. If you don't get it look at the pictures above

Step 3: Fuselage

Now time to build the part that holds the main body and wings together. Start off with a 1x2 4 knobbed brick, attach 4 1x1 up right holder on the sides. Then add a flat plate with a knob on top. Look at pictures above

Step 4: Wings

To make the wings you will need 4 mini handles. Take the 4 handles and attach the 1x2 radiators on top of them. Since they will be on different sides of the aircraft you have to put light sabers on the left side of 2 of them and 2 on the right on the other ones. Refer to pictures.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

To assemble it take the main body and stick it on the flat plate with 1 knob. Then take the empty side of the mini handle and attack it to the up right holders. Now extend wings. Now you have an aircraft to fight off Imperial scum!
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