Introduction: 3 Ingredient Slime (No Borax)

Hello fellow makers! Today I will be showing you how to make this Slime.

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Step 1: Ingredients and Tools


Liquid Detergent (Any Detergent with perfume will not work)

White Elmer's Glue

Food Dye (I used icing dye because that's what I had)


A 1/4 of a cup measuring cup

Something to stir with (The toothpicks)

Something to stir in


An air-tight container

Ok lets go!

Step 2: Adding the Glue and Detergant

Time to start!
First measure 1/4 of a cup of glue and pour it into the bowl. Now add a bit of Detergent. Start stirring the mixture together. After a bit you want to add your food coloring and stir that in as well. While stirring it check the consistency with your finger to see if it is to sticky. If it is too sticky add some more detergent. Continue stirring and adding detergent until you have the consistency you want.

Step 3: FAIL!

Everything was going well as it seems. After stirring it enough and checking the consistency you have to knead it to mix it more. Apparently knead doesn't mean squish in your hands. That caused the slime to stick all over my hands. I didn't feel like starting over so if this happens attempt to put as much as you can back in the container and put in some more detergent in until the right consistency.

Step 4: Kneading and Finishing It Up

After the fail I put it back into the bowl, added more detergent and boom. The slime was starting to actually feel like slime. Once you are able to put it in your hands without it sticking everywhere start kneading it. (Not squishing it) Roll it around in your hands. If it is still a little bit sticky you can dip your finger in the detergent and rub it around it. If you want the slime to be a bit darker you can make a little bowl in the middle and add coloring in it. Then after that you can knead it in.

Step 5: Finished!

Yay! You have successfully completed this magic slime! Now you can knead it and play with it.

If this didn't work it was probably the detergent you used because not all of them work.

Also if you have a container you could place it in there. See you later!

Shoutout to tazmmenr for helping me with this project! Go check her insstructables out!

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