Introduction: Mountain Bike Meat Grinder.

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While were in the middle of our food processing suddenly our place became blackout I though ISIS bomb our power grid! It popped in my mind how to grind all the meat and all I need is a functional brain... here's how!

Step 1: Materials Needed

all you need is:

1. mechanical part of a grinder

2. 8mm Allen wrench

3. Bike crankshaft (that has 8mm bolt that will fit to the 8mm allen wrench)

4. Bowl

Step 2: Procedures

cut the 8mm Allen wrench and fit to the meat grinder shaft and connect it to the bike crankshaft, try to spin the crankshaft clockwise and put the meat into the grinder. enjoy grinding! cheers!!!

Step 3: Here's the Video

every time i watch this video of mine, I ask myself wtf am I doing? lol!!!! "reverse engineering" but still enjoying eating my pizza burger yummy!!!!

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