Introduction: Potable Truing Tool

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Since to much recycled scrap pvc in my area this the output. Portable pvc turing tools.


Nuts and bolts 3 pieces
Power Drill

Step 1: Pvc Base

Cut a smal part of pvc using small saw or steel saw to a rectangular shape

Step 2: Shaping Pvc

Since pvc is flexible and can be heated shape it to form a U- shape. You can use stove fire or burner.
I use our gas stove for heating and the edge of the door for shaping the pvc pipe to be a U-shape use gloves because it's hot to hold. Cool it down till pvc will be harden.

Step 3: Cut and Shape

Cut the area where you will put the 4 bolts
1 bolt for the fork mounting part.
2 bolts for the rim side alignment
1 bolt on the top radial side of the rim
Cut the pvc using steel saw
And heat gun or any for bending the cut area.

Step 4: Bolt Cutting

Measure the 2 side bolt before cutting if the bolt is long. So it will fit in the tuing tools on the rim sides

Step 5: Installation

Insert the bolt in the back of the fork, btw this tool is applicable to those forks with thread hole.

Step 6: Fitting

Adjust the side bolts and top bolts to the rim, and start the truing in the top side patiently, after the top rim is alligned, do the side rim. On the back rim find the thread hole on the upper part located on the brake calliper hole.

Step 7:

You can view it on my youtube
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