Introduction: How to Join Double Pointed Needles in the Round

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Do you have a DPN (double pointed needles) project you’ve been wanting to work on, but not knowing how to join them in the round is stopping you?

I remember when first learning to knit, how intimidating it looked…all those needles in a delicate balancing act!

Working on DPN is what you’ll need when working on projects in the round that are too small for regular circular needles that have a cord. You can also work larger projects on DPN also, if you don’t have circular needles!

Let me show you just how incredibly easy it is to join DPN in the round! Then you can open up a whole new world of knitting smaller circumference items, like socks, wrist warmers, cozies, baby hats and more!

Watch the Video below, follow the photo tutorial, or both to learn how to join double pointed needles in the round!

Step 1: In This Tutorial I'll Be Using 4 DPN

In the examples below, I’ll show you how to join in the round onto 3 DPN with your 4th needle as your working needle (the needle you knit around with).

You can use 4 DPN with a 5th needle as your working needle as well…it’s just a preference thing!

Step 2: ​Take Your 2nd DPN and Transfer All But 12 Stitches Onto Your 2nd Needle

When slipping your stitches onto another needle, slip them as if to purl.

Step 3: Take Your 3rd Needle and Transfer 12 Stitches From Your 2nd Needle Onto It.

Step 4: ​This Is What Your Stitches Will Look Like Divided Onto 3 DPN.

Now you’re ready to join in the round! Pick up and hold your needles in the exact formation as in the photo above, with your working yarn to the right.

(Make sure your needles and stitches aren’t twisted)

Step 5: With Your Right Needle, Insert It Into the First Stitch on Your Left Needle.

Step 6: Lift Stitch Up and Off Left Needle, and Onto Right Needle.

Step 7: Next, Insert Your Left Needle Into the First Stitch on Your Right Needle. Lift Over That Slipped Stitch, Off Your Right Needle, and Onto Your Left Needle

Step 8: You Can See in the Photo Above How the 2 Stitches You Transferred Join Your Work in the Round!

Step 9: You Are Now Ready to Work in the Round! Simply Pick Up Your Working Yarn and Use Your 4th DPN to Knit Around All 3 Needles!

Step 10: But Where to Put Your Stitch Marker?

It’s a little different when placing stitch marker at beginning of round when using DPN versus circular needles. At the beginning of round, work 1 stitch, place marker, then work the rest of the round. Once you’ve worked a round, you’ll know your next round begins when there is 1 stitch left before stitch marker.

(This last stitch before marker is the first stitch of your next round.)

Here’s to you venturing forth into projects on DPN!

Let me know if you have any questions in comments below!

Happy Knitting!