How to Make Miss La Sen Foam Lotus Holder

Introduction: How to Make Miss La Sen Foam Lotus Holder

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Make a foam lotus holder is rather easy.

Step 1: Download This Pattern and Print It Out in A3 Size Paper.

Step 2: Cut Out the Flower.

Step 3: Draw the Flower on the Piece of Foam.

Step 4: Cut the Lines Approximately 5cm.

Step 5: Use the Hole Puncher to Punch the Holes on the Flower.

Step 6: Each Petal Has 2 Holes at the 2 Ends and 1 Hole in the Center.

Step 7: Use String to Connect Each 3 Petals Together.

The 1st petal connects to the 3rd petal, 2nd petal is inside.

Step 8: Cut Miss La Sen’s Head

Step 9: Cut Her Headband and Glue Onto the Head

Step 10: Cut Her Eyes, Bow, Cheeks, Mouth, Flower on the Right Ear...

And glue them onto the face.

Step 11: Glue Miss La Sen Head Onto the Foam Lotus Holder.

You can put the glass or mug inside of this holder and put water, tree in this glass.

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