Introduction: How to Make Miss La Sen Round Lantern

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It's so easy to make a Miss La Sen round glass paper lantern for your kid.

Step 1: ​Cut Out a Piece of Glass Paper Into a Rectangle Approximately 30cm Long and 16 Cm High.

Draw Miss La Sen head on this piece of glass paper.

Step 2: Use the Opalescent Color for Glass to Paint This Piece of Glass Paper.

Step 3: ​Roll This Piece of Glass Paper.

Use glue- gun or stapler to connect 2 ends of this lantern.

Cut the dotted brown ribbon to wrap at the top and the bottom of this lantern for decoration.

Step 4: ​Make 2 Holes at the Top of the Lantern to Add the String to Hang.

You can hang it over on the balcony or the tree, the glass window.

Step 5: ​Put the Candle or the Small Light Inside of the Lantern.