Introduction: How to Make a Pacman Ghost Plush

The Pattern

The Pattern is Available on My website at


A sewing machine
White, black, and some ghost coloured fabric
The pattern
Some thread
Cutting tools
Sewing pins and needle
And a Fabric pen


Cut out the pieces:
There's two eyes
Two pupils
Two side pieces with holes
4 without
6 bottom pieces
and a rectangle for the center

Sew the eyes:
First sew the pupil into the white eye piece
Repeat for the second eye
Then sew the eye into the side piece with the hole in it
And repeat for the second eye.
Make sure to line up the pupils, or you'll end up with a derpy looking ghost

Sew the body:
Start with the two eye pieces.
Pin and sew them together
Next, pin and sew a solid side piece, and repeat 3 times.
Lastly, pin and sew the body together
I found that sewing from the bottom near the wavy bits, and going up to the top near with the pointy bits easiest. It lined up better, and the top got sewn shut better.

The bottom:
Pin and sew all 6 sides of the bottom together so you end up with a circular bottom with the wavy bits on the outside

Then attach this to the rest of the ghost body, lining up the seams and points. Pin this in place and hand sew around the outside. Make sure to leave a small gap so that you can turn the ghost inside out later.

Build the connector:
Fold the connector in half, and sew it right down the middle. This piece won't be seen when you're finished

Attach the connector:
Sew the connector onto the middle of the top of the ghost. Make sure it's sewn on really well, since it's going to be under some pressure once the ghost is stuffed

Pull the other side of the connector down, and attach it to the middle of the base of the ghost. Again, make sure it's on really well.

Flip the ghost inside out, making sure to push out all the pointy bits on bottom.

Stuff the ghost as much as possible. Make sure to get it all around the connector piece.

Sew up the final opening, and enjoy your new pacman ghost. Repeat with different colours until you get Blinky, Plinky, Inky and Clyde.