Introduction: How to Make a Slip Knot for Knitting, or Crochet!

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If you’ve ever been confused about how to make a slip knot…never fear! You will learn how to quickly and easily make a perfect slip knot to start many of your projects! Whether you are knitting or crocheting…the slip knot is the same!

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be slip knotting like a pro!

You can watch the video above or follow the photo tutorial or both! Click here to see this tutorial on!

Step 1: Begin by Holding Your Yarn in an Arch. Leave a Tail Long Enough for the Project You Are Working On.

Step 2: Twist the Top of the Arch Clockwise

Step 3: Spread Open Loop With 2 Fingers

Spread loop at top open with index finger & thumb.

Step 4: Reach Through Loop

Step 5: ​Pull Right Strand Through Loop

Step 6: This Is What It Will Look Like After You Have Pulled the Strand Up Into the Loop

Once pulled up through loop, leave loose and do not tighten yet.

Step 7: Place Your Loop on Your Needle

Step 8: Tighten Loop on Your Hook or Needle

Pull strands to tighten firmly, but not too tightly. Enough so that your loop can slide freely on your needle or hook.

Step 9: You've Just Made a Slip Knot!

You now have a slip knot, and are ready to begin your project! Have fun making these and be sure to show your friends and family your new found skill!

Happy (purposeful!) knot making ;)

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