Introduction: How to Make a Snowboard!

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Its snowing heavily in england (5th january). and... im off work. so I thougth I might have a go at making a snow board. To start off, its not a professional board, but works pretty good!

Be safe as this is a home made snow board
and Have fun riding the snow....

Step 1: What You Will Need:

You will need.

Hard board ( atleast 1m X .06m )
5 minute epoxy or a wood glue
Paper and a printer (to print off the template)
Old shoes (the correct size for your feet)
4 cross head screws


shoe laces

Tools you will need:

A Plain
smooth sand paper
A hand saw
Cross headed Screw driver

Step 2: Template

You will need, hard board, a saw, a pencil and a printer.

First print out the Microsoft word document and cut around the edges of the black outline to make the template. Like shown in picture one.
Next put the template on the hardboard and draw around it. 
I would recommend you cut a rectangular piece around the template, to make the size easier to work with.

Step 3: Cut It Out

One you have draw the template on to the hardboard cut it out. You should use a small hand saw or even a hack saw.

Follow the lines carefully, and take it slow.... I sound like a surf
Next plain and sand down the edges until they are nice and smooth
Tip: You will be making two of these, but on one of the keep the smooth side of the hard board smooth eg. dont sand it.
You finished result should look like picture 1

Repeat this process twice

Step 4: Joining the Two and Creating the Profile

For this step you will need something heavy, about 2 kg +. (books etc.) and 5 minute epoxy or a wood glue

First apply epoxy to not one of the smooth sides of your board. (you will have to work quickly if using epoxy)
Next join the two together and then place and item underneath each end measuring 3 cm tall.
 then place 'something heavy' about 10 cm from each end. At this point it should look like picture 3.

Let it cure and you end result should look like picture  2

Step 5: Putting the Boots On

For this step you will need 4 cross head screws, your old shoes and a screw driver

First position you shoes to a easy position for you to stand up in.
Next drill pilot holes for the screws (remove the sole of the shoe first). Try and place a screw at the heal and near the middle.
Then pick screws that are the correct length, so they must  not come out the bottom of the board, but they should go in to the board.
When you have screwed, 2 screws in each shoes put the soles back in.

And..... they you have It!

Step 6: Others Options

holderave now made some modifications to the board which are:

Shoe holder

I will also be creating another board, better made etc. If I have the time

How to varnish

Buy some oil based varnish that can protect wood from water and mostiure.
Read the instructions on the tin to get the correct result, you will only need to put this on the top as the bottom side of hardboard is plastic coated. It may help if you put it along he edges.

Step 7: Shoe Holders

For this step you will need: shoe laces and a drill.
I came up with this design after using the board and finding how it handled.
The shoe holder allows you to steer, but if caught in a crash allow some give so you don't flex with the board.

First draw an out line around your shoe, on the board. Next drill 4 holes, 2 at the front 2 at the back 2 inches apart like picture 2.
Next, thread an equal length of lace in the front two holes, then cross them other to the opposite side at the back holes, finally bring them back up again and tie a bow.