Introduction: How to Make a Tunnel Book

Tunnel Books are simple to make and they look awesome too! They're generally comprised of pictures (but they don't have to be, be creative!) and they're constructed in a such a way that when you look THROUGH it it gives the effect of looking at sort of a 3-D landscape! They can have just a few "pages" or a whole bunch... they can tell a story or just show a landscape or whatever. Go wild.

Step 1: Create Your Images

Things that you'll need are:
matte board
colouring tools of your choice
x-acto knife
hot glue or Epoxy
Spray Adhesive
Card stock

The first thing you want to do is start sketching and plan out your story or whatever it is that you want to put in the book. The thing you have to keep in mind is that most of your illustration is going to have to be on the sides of the pages... it's going to have to be on the borders so you can still look through the tunnel... but hey it doesn't have to.... but you want to keep in mind that if you have too many things in the middle of your vision you're not going to be able to tell what's happening. Another thing you want to keep in mind is that the borders of your "pages" will slowly continue to get wider as they move back in the book to get that tunnel effect, so keep that in mind as you're sketching our your ideas

Once you come up with your idea, put it on any kind of paper that you like colour it out but leave a space in the middle. See how I made mine below? Then lay them and glue them flat on some matte board so they will be more study in the final project.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Pages

Using a ruler for guidance cut out the pages and cut around everything that you coloured so nothing is left but a sort of frame. See how I did mine? Continue doing that with all of your pages. It IS kind of grueling and I'm not gonna lie... you're hands are gonna feel like suicide. If you have lots of pages to get through then you're going to need lots and lots of extra blades because matte board dulls them in no time at all. I had about 12 pages and I went through more than I can count.... so keep some sharp blades around and it will make everything a lot easier on you.

Step 3: Binding All of the Pages

Now you should have all of the pages glued down and cut out properly. Remember, the borders on top, bottom, and sides should all get wider as the pages go higher in number. Just to avoid confusion, if the borders on page 1 were about 1/2 inch, you might want to make the borders on page 2 one inch and one page 3 1.5 inches and so on. that you have all of the pages done you need to make little accordion strips to bind them. That's also what gives them a tunneled out look because the accordion strips space out the pages more. The cardstock is good to use because it's not to light to where it will be too floppy but it's just stiff enough to keep everything standing upright. You can make the accordion pieces as tall as the book is or you can just make them into strips and attach them to the sides.

Step 4: Attach the Pages

When you attach the pages, use the hotglue or epoxy or whatever works for you. It really depends what materials you're using too. Some things won't stick to something things as well as others. When attaching the pages the way that works for me best is to turn the first page upside down attach both the strips and keep piling on the pages that way. Again, the points of the accordion that are pointing outward and away from the book is where you want to put the strips of glue and attach the pages so that way when you compress the book down it accordions down neatly.

Step 5: Make a Cover

When all finished you might want to make a cover. You can do that by cutting out two squares of matteboard the exact size of your book. But between the two squares leave a little space for the spine area. You might want to make it a little bigger than necessary because over the time that your book sits on the shelf the accordion might spring up a little. On one square glue a creative design for the cover if you want. Then on the side that your cover is make two scores where the spine is so it will fold around the book easily. Then turn it over and on the back of the other square glue your entire book.

There you have it... .You've just completed you're tunnel book!!

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