Introduction: How to Make a Twisted Pearl Necklace

This is a fun and unique statement necklace that is relatively easy to make. I made it over the course of  a few days but if you have a chunk of time to work, it shouldn't take you more than a couple hours. This is a good necklace to wear everyday or to a party, for a classic look with an edgy twist!

Step 1: Your Tools

you will need:
bead stringing wire (I used Beadalon® .015 inch 7 strand satin silver)
jump rings (2 for each strand, and 2 big ones [optional])
ribbon (your choice of color)
your choice of pearls or beads etc (enough to make several strands i made 7-8ish)
needle (which isn't in the picture)
Thread the same color is the ribbon (also not in the picture)

Step 2: Making Strands

First you take a length of the beading wire and cut it. Depending on how long you want the twisted pearls part of the necklace to be, you should cut the wire 1.5-2 inches more than that desired length.  My strands were approximately 6-7 inches long, but the important part is that all the strands are the same length.

After you have the cut wire, simply put one small jump ring and then 2 crimp beads on without letting them fall off the other end. Next, take the end closest to the jump ring and loop it around the ring so that it goes back under the crimp beads and pull it tight. there should be no gap between the crimp beads and the jump ring. The end of the wire poking out should be no longer than a centimeter, so adjust if necessary. 

Next take your crimper and crimp the two bead without any gaps in between and make sure it is secure. 

Now the fun part! Decide your beading pattern and start beading. I used a red and white theme in mine made my strands all different patterns, making sure to make some plainer than others. I used a mix of different color pearls in vary sizes and shapes along with some silver spacer beads and corral beads. 

Once your strand has reached the desired length, it's time to finish it with another jump ring. this time put the 2 crimp beads on first and then the ring. loop the wire around the ring and through the crimp beads again. Pull tight so there are no gaps between the pearls, crimp beads or ring. Use your crimper to squish the crimp beads until secure while making sure they don't break.

Finally snip off the extra wire on both ends as close as you can to the crimp beads so as to not get any "pokies".

Repeat this step with your desired patterns until you have as many as you'd like.

Step 3: Connecting Your Bead Strands

first take all your beaded strands and twist them to get an idea of what your necklace will look like.

If you are satisfied with it, find the order in which you want them to be secured and get out two bigger jump rings (or, if you're like me and ran out, get your crimp beads wire and crimper).

If you have a jump ring: simply attach all your strands on it in the order you want and make sure to close the ring if necessary.

If you don't: put all your strands on a short piece of wire no more than 1 inch long. next create a ring using crimp beads by pinching the ends of the wire together and beading 2 crimp beads on and crimping it shut securely. The ring you create shouldn't have more than a centimeter long diameter. Once the ring is crimped shut, cut off the ends as close to the crimp beads as possible without breaking your ring or making it weak. 

Next: twist your strands and repeat the step on the other side, securing with another jump ring or wire circle. 

Step 4: The Ribbon

First: Cut two strands of ribbon equal in length. the length they are is up to you. I cut very long strands to make it adjustable for the person wearing it. 

Next: thread a length of thread through the needle and tie it at the head of the needle leaving 1-2 inches maximum hanging off.

then: thread the ribbon through the big jump ring or wire circle connecting one end of you bead strands, keeping it flat and fold it over leaving a centimeter to an inch folded over. 

then: start sewing in small stitches along the outer end of the ring/circle until it is secured. Cut off the remaining thread and ribbon NEATLY. If necessary, use an anti-fraying (is that a word?) spray to keep the ribbon from fraying.

Repeat on the other end of the  connected beaded strands.

Step 5: The Final Step!

Wear it out!  To a party, outside, to school, to work, wherever!
This is also the perfect gift for your girlfriend, best friend, mother you name it!
it can be done in any color scheme and with any kind of beads really. Have fun! Be creative! Thank you for reading!

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