Introduction: How to Make a Paper Animation Wheel

 An animation wheel is a wheel of an image that keeps changing as you move around the circle.
This is one of many types of animation.

Materials needed:

Step 1: Step One

 You will need a big piece of paper, then draw a circle on the paper. After you finish drawing the circle cut the circle out.
When the circle is cut out draw  7 slips- then cut the slips out

Step 2: Step Two

 Drawing time!!
Start with an idea that will change for 7 different images but will end with the same first image you draw. For my spinning wheel i drew a stick man dancing.\

Tip- Make sure the image stays the same size throw out the wheel.

Step 3: Last and Final Step

 Find the middle of the wheel and put a small hole there.
Now its time to spin the wheel and watch your animation start to move.