Introduction: How to Make a Toy Lion by Alonzo

How to make a toy lion by Alonzo

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

· Bandsaw

· Drill press

· Drill bits

· 1” belt sander

· Router table with ¼” round over bit


· Axles and wheels

· Wooden glue

· 2”x6” Stock

· 1/8” Ply

Step 2: Tracing Out the Lion

First find a side view of a lion. Once you found one print it out. Then with a dark pen or marker trace your lion. But round off some parts like the tail. They are too hard to cut on a bandsaw. Make two dots for the legs for the wheels.

Step 3: Cut Out Template

Cut out the lines you traced on the lion. Then trace the template on 1/8” ply wood and trace it on there and once that is done cut it out on the band saw.

Step 4: Cutting Out Your Blank

Now trace the template on to a 2”x6” stock then cut it out with the bandsaw. Once you have completed place your cut out on a router table and router the edges then sand the edge to a smooth. Before you drill the holes make sure you have the right size drill bit it must be as big as the axles.

Step 5: Completed Project

Paint your lion any color you want but you don’t need to paint the whole thing you can just paint the main and eyes like I did on mine. Once the paint has dried then attach the axels and wheels. Glue the axels in place. Then wait for the glue to dry and you’re done.