Introduction: Steps to Making a Wooden Bunny By:Omi

Wooden Bunny Toy all finished

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Step 1: Gathering Materials

- Band saw.

- Drill Press (Hold Toy down with one hand).

- Drill Bits.

- 1” Belt Sander.

- Disc Sander (Keep Fingers at least 2 in from blade).

- Router, use round over bit (Keep Fingers on top of wood).

-1/4 Router Bit.



- Axels and Wheels (1.25”)

- Wood Glue

- Paint

- 2”x6” wood to cut animal out of.

Step 2: Finding Picture

Step 2: Finding picture

1. Find animal that you want to use something people can recognize from the side easily (cartoony) and print it. (I would use google images).

2. Cut out the paper

Step 3: Creating Template

Step 3: Creating template

3. Get a 1/8” ply wood, trace the paper onto the wood because the paper bunny rips easily.

4. Cut the wood using the band saw and stay on the line, keep fingers 3 in away from the blade.

Step 4: Tracing Template, Cutting Bunny

Step 4: Tracing template, cutting bunny.

Get piece of 2”x6” wood (main wood for your toy).

6. Trace the template that you cut out onto the main wood (bunny wood).

7. Using the band saw cut out the wood stay on the line you traced. (Remember to keep your fingers 3in away from the blade).

-The wood below is an example of how thick your wood for the bunny should be about.

Step 5: Drilling Axles Holes

Step 5: Drilling axles holes

8. What I did for the eyes was, I drilled a hole straight through and got 2 axles and I used wood glue and glued them where the eyes are supposed to be.

Step 6: Gluing and Painting

Step 6: Gluing and painting.

- Put wheels on axles and see if it fits then using the wood glue, glue them on, while you are putting them in with the glue give the axles a circular motion so the glue spreads all around it.

-Paint toy whatever color you like, I used a paint brush and white paint.

-You just made a wooden bunny!