Introduction: How to Make a Toy Pig by Domingo

This instructable will teach you how to make a simple toy pig.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

Gather materials and tools

a. These are the tools and materials that we use to create our toy:

a. Tools

Drill bits, you will size it in a future step.

Router table with 1/4" round over bit.

1" belt sander for sanding the toy.

Drill press for drilling axle holes.

Band saw, for cutting out template and toy.


b. Supplies

Wood Glue.

Paint. Depends on your animal...

Axles and wheels. I used 1.25" wheels and axles from the hobby store. Here are some examples of axles. Here are some wheels. 1/8" ply or MDF for cutting template. You could even use card stock or cardboard. 2"x6" stock (or scrap). To cut your animal out of.

Step 2: Find a Photo

  1. Find a picture of an animal (in this case a pig) you would like to make a toy out of.
    • Easily recognizable from a side view

    • Find a picture of a side view, front and angled pictures make it very difficult.

Step 3: Print Your Image

a.Import the saved image into a word document, then crop it down to the preferred size.

a.The size you chose will be the size and shape of your animal later.

b.When the animal is printed out, trace around it.

a.Don’t trace every single detail.

c.Cut out traced image carefully.

Step 4: Template Creation

a. After cutting out the traced animal, you’re going to trace it on to a piece of 1/8” plywood or MDF. This will be easier to trace onto wood because it won’t rip or fold.

b. Cut out this template and mark where you want the wheels to go.

Step 5: Cutting Out the Toy

Takethe traced template and trace that onto a piece of stock, I used scrap 2x6.

Cut out the traced scrap, accept for between the legs.

After you cut everything other than between the legs out, you are going to cut between the legs. When cutting cut from the bottom of one leg to the top of the opposite leg, do that for both sides then cut out the excess.

Step 6: Dill the Axel Holes

Take your axle and use it to find the correct drill bit I suggest using a drill bit size template.

Punch some holes with something into the unfinished toy. I used a cold chisel.

Step 7: Router the Edges

Use the round over bit for this toy, test it on a piece of scrap wood before using it on your toy.

Make the edge of the bit level or slightly lower then the table.

Rout the whole outside edges of the toy make sure to go from right to left only.

If there are places on the toy that are too Small to rout you will need to sand them by hand.

Step 8: Sanding and Smoothing the Toy

After routing there may be a slight lip or some tool marks from the band saw, so you’re going to need to sand all those imperfections out.

Either use the palm sander or the belt sander, I used the palm sander for the majority and then sanded all the small imperfections with some fine sandpaper by hand.

Step 9: Plan and Paint Your Toy

When getting ready to paint your toy have a plan of action, I did not have a very good plan of action and ended up painting the whole thing green for and angry birds pig.

Don’t paint the whole thing the same color, like me. Try to only paint accents.

Step 10: Glue in Your Wheels

Make sure the axles fit into the axle holes on the toy before you even touch glue.

After you have checked that the axles fit, you are going to put wood glue into the axle hole.

NOT on the axle, you want the wheel to turn.

Once glue is applied put the axle through the wheel then that whole assembly into the axle hole, make sure it’s not too tight.

You still want the wheel to spin. Do that for the other 3 wheels.

Step 11: It’s Finished!!

Do whatever you want with it donate it, sell it, or keep it, ITS YOURS!! XD