Introduction: How to Make an Eye!

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This is for the making of an eyeball. Your end result will come out of your own need, this will only show you mine.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Glue gun, extra ammo can be good to have close by.
6 * Needles (or more/less depending on your build)
Small bowl
Some box (I used a matchbox)
Paper towels
Hair dryer


1 sheet of photopaper to print the eye on
1 cotton wool ball (used translate so unsure of english name but its made out of paper) or styrofoam ball
Liquid Latex
Red food dye (mine was concentrated)
Blue food dye can be good to have handy if you have an unconcetrated red dye
Smoth hard paper or hard plastic to use as a palette

Step 2: Prework

1. Cut the string:
6 Long (around 10cm)
5 Short (around 3cm)
Keep in mind, its easier to cut it when done.

2. Cut out the iris and put it with the colored side down in your palm and take one finger from the other hand and push gently down. The iris will fold a little and then you cut smal cuts around 3mm in. This will make it round without dents.

3. Make the hole in the ball a little bigger with the help of the pen.

Step 3: Dye the String

1. Pour red dye in cup. (I had concentrated if you dont have that you might have to mix it with blue to get it darker)

2. Add the latex by pulling as you twist it thru. Use dye on palette if you want it darker

3. For each string I just put them down on the oilcloth I use to keep my area clean just keep the strings separated.

4. Don't be fooled by the color it will be darker when dried.

5. After 3 strings I add some water and do it all over again.

You can also just make two piles of liqiud latex that you have some dye in and mix till it looks good but coloring the string seem to help out.

Step 4: Drying the String

Now its time to use the needles, match box, hair dryer, ruler. (and a toothpick)

1. Put the strings up on needles one by one and use hairdryer to just fast dry them a little.

2. Fasten them on the match box.

3. Put it somewhere it can hang for a bit.

4. Use a toothpick to separate the strings.

Step 5: The Eyeball and Veins

Materials here will be liqiuid latex, toothpick and your ball

1. Put some latex on the palette

2. Put your ball on the toothpick and roll it in the latex.

3. Smoth out the latex all over the ball.

4. Take the small strings and put them on the ball while the latex is still wet. I put my veins up to almost the middle as you can see on following pictures.

5. Use a toothpick, the red dye and some latex to paint the veins.

Step 6: The Long Veins

Time to use the long veins, some tooth picks, scissor, glue gun, latex, red dye and needles.

1. Twist the veins on the top.

2. Cut off the top a little

3. Put some glue in the hole.

4. Put in the veins.

5. Use glue gun again put on some more or just melt it so it becomes smoth.

6. Use the latex to hide the glue.

7. Use needles to split up the veins, unless you spen time drying them they will still be sticky.

Step 7: The Iris

Time for the last part so get the iris, some more latex, red dye, glue gun, tooth picks.

1. Put some latex on the backside of iris.

2. Push it against the top of eye ball.

3. Put some paper towel in your palm and push the eye ball against it for a little while.

4. Remove it.

5. Use a toothpick, red dye and some latex to paint just around the iris.

6. Use the glue gun and make a thin line of glue around the iris.

7. Remelt the glue and smothen it with your finger, form it well.

Step 8: The End and Results

Thanks to the latex the eye will have a slightly yellow color and feel a bit sticky all the time.

The first three images here is this I will also add some from an eye I did a few days ago where you really can see the latex having a yellow touch.

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