Introduction: How to Make Cute Little Tree Stump Charms From Clay

These little trees can be made as charms for a necklace, or without the metal wire for a cute little figurine.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Oven bake clay, Paint, metal wire (small, like Christmas ornament hooks)

Step 2: Molding a Tree

These little trees are so easy. I started by shaping out the trunk of the trees and adding the roots, making a small tree stump. And then you can shape out any kind of face.  I made the details on the tree stumps with a metal fingernail file or toothpick, adding any kind of extra detail (metal hooks). Then I cut a small piece of metal wire and bent it to insert in the top before baking. These trees don't take long to bake, approx. 10-15 minutes depending on thickness or size of the trees.

Step 3: Painting

When they are completely cooled, they are ready for painting. I added some clear paint as a final coat. Add string, ribbon, etc. to make a necklace !!
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