Introduction: How to Make Prop Weapons!

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Long time no see instructables comunity! Here I am again bringing you another cosplay related instructable! This time, how to make prop weapons in a kind of cheap budget!
And First, I'd like to apologize if I make any grammar mistake, I'm Brazilian so I'm still learning how to say and write the english language correctly.

Step 1: Blueprints!

I can't stress this enough: Blueprints and Reference Image are ESSENTIAL. In this case I made one of the two pistols used by Dante in the Devil May Cry Series, in this case, Ebony, the black one, which he holds in the right hand.

Step 2: Basic Shape!

Here, I've cutted out the basic shape for Ebony, in some kind of wood I really don't know, but I used a Bandsaw and a Tablesaw! After that, I've sanded it smooth with some files.

Step 3: Adding Details!

Here you can choose the way you'll insert the raised and lowered details of the weapon. Here I used a "Milling Machine" in which I "Carved" out the lower, bigger details!

Step 4: Smoothing Everything!

Take a Sandpaper, Dremel or files and start rounding the corners of your prop, always checking in your blueprints and reference pics that you got in the first step! Also, here I made some fine lines with a wood saw!

Step 5: Fine Details

Here, I recommend you taking a piece of plastic or whatever material you feel confortable working with, and make things like the Trigger, Trigger Guard, Hammer, and Sights, also, note, if you're making the same guns as I am, Ebony have a normal Hammer and Straight Sights, while Ivory have a Round Hammer and "Rounded" sights!

Step 6: Smoothing

Now, to hide the wood grain, use some bondo on the gun to make it smooth!

Step 7: Painting

Now apply your base paint, wait to dry, then mask all the details and use your other color as you wish! Not shown in the photo, but the black one got some wood laquer on the handle.

Step 8: Done!

Now you've finished your prop pistols! You can also use this tutorial to make other types of weapons, like the Knife on the photo! Be happy, go cosplay!
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