Introduction: How to Make Rainbow Button Cluster Earrings Easily

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Hello Unicorn Lovers,

This instructable is inspired by Penolopy Bulnick'sRainbow Bouquet and Danger is my middle name's Unicorn barf awesome rainbow projects.

To me it seems like both have taken care of unicorn diet and wedding (if unicorns do LOL), I thought it won't hurt to make them a little fashionable..ha ha :).

So I thought, thought and thought and after the 97th thought I got this idea ...LOL. I went to a tailoring material shop for buying buttons for my coat and the store keeper pulled a big box of buttons in front of me but guess what.. the packet rainbow of buttons caught my attention :).

So let me show you how to make rainbow button cluster earrings. And you know the keyword.. EASY :D

And BTW I am going to show you two designs , I heard unicorns are bit choosy :D.

This is the most colorful instructable I have ever made.

Step 1: What Will You Need to Make Rainbow Button Cluster Earrings

You will need only 3 things my dear :

  1. A pack of rainbow buttons (4 holes in it), you can get them at any tailoring material store or a craft store.
  2. Lots of jump rings. (Just make sure they are big enough , such that the two buttons when linked together should dangle)
  3. Earring findings

Yup.. that's all.. yes ... I mean it :D

OPTIONAL: A flat nose plier , just in case you find it difficult to open and close jump rings using your fingers.

Step 2: Design 1: Rainbow Button Cluster

Please see the pictures and follow, notice the order of button colors (following the rainbow order):

You would need 2 buttons of each color for this design.

  1. Insert jump rings in 2 buttons each.
  2. Attach a jump ring with finding's loop.
  3. Attach the jump rings in two buttons with the jump ring in the loop of earring.
  4. Now again insert jump rings in 2 buttons each, this time a different color.
  5. Attach the two buttons in a separate jump ring.
  6. Attach this arrangement in the middle of the jumpring in #3 (Notice the 4th picture).
  7. Repeat 4-7 for all colors
  8. Repeat 1-7 for another piece of earring.

That's it my friend, nothing else to be done here. Now lets look at second design.

Step 3: Design 2: Rainbow Button Cluster

Please see the pictures and follow, notice the order of button colors (following the rainbow order):

You would need 3 buttons of each color for this design.

  1. Arrange buttons in rainbow color order.
  2. Link them with jump rings to form a chain of buttons.
  3. Now attach 2 jump rings (left and right hole of button) with the top button (indigo color in our case) .
  4. Attach two buttons of same color with the jump rings added in #3.
  5. Repeat 3-4 for all remaining colors.
  6. After you finish the cluster, attach a jump-ring in the top hole of the first button (indigo in our case) and attach earring fining to it.

Yaaay... second design is also ready :)

Step 4: Rainbow Thoughts

So.. what do you think of the designs..? Cute?

These designs are very versatile, both of the designs can be extended to form a necklace, pendant or bracelet.

I hope you liked the rainbow buttons cluster earrings. Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

If you choose to be colorful, please share your work using the 'i made it ' button.

If you like it, please share it, vote it .

You are awesome.

Stay tuned.

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