Introduction: How to Make Rose Pendant Made of Polymer Clay and Cristal Resin

I love making jewelry, so I come to Idea - how to make a polymer clay rose coated with cristal resin. Visit my Jewelry Store:
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Step 1: What You Need?

1. Polymer Clay

2. Cristal Epoxy Resine (usualy 2 components:  A and B - 2 mesures of conponent A and 1 mesure of conponent B)

3. Some plastic cups

4. Plastic spoon


Step 2: Instuctions

1. Take polymer clay and make a rose like on images:

Step 3: Coating Roases With Cristal Resin

2: Bake your roses in oven and when finished mix your Cristal resine in some plasic cup (read the instructions on resine bottles).

3: Paint out roses with cristal resine and wait for 24 hours that resine come hard and shiny. 

Step 4: Finished Roses

Waiting cristal resine to dry and come hard and very shiny.
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