How to Make Slippers Out of an Old Raincoat.

Introduction: How to Make Slippers Out of an Old Raincoat.

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I am going to show you how to upcycle an old raincoat into cute slippers. :) I have used my old torn raincoat.

Step 1: Things You Will Need-

  • Old raincoat
  • Card board
  • Thread and needle
  • Scissor
  • Pen

Step 2: Use a Slipper to Draw the Required Measurements on the Card Board.

Step 3: Cut It Out.

They will act as soles of your slipper.

Step 4: For the Base of Your Slipper-

Draw outline of your sole on the raincoat. Cut the raincoat leaving a little space from the outline.

Step 5: Stitch

Stitch as shown in the figure.

Step 6: Make It Inside Out.

Step 7: Put the Sole Inside.

Step 8: For the Upper Part of Your Slipper.

Cut out the pockets of your raincoat. Stitch them as shown in the figure.

Step 9: Hold the Upper Part As Shown and Put One Pocket on Each Sole.

Step 10: Stitch the Pocket and the Sole Neatly.

Step 11: Your Slippers Are Ready! :D

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    this is a very good idea but what do you do for the rest of plastic rain coat pieces ?

    I found your old plastic rain coat beautiful too. it was torn?

    Anusree Pushpan
    Anusree Pushpan

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! ;) I have kept the rest of plastic pieces to do some other craft :) This raincoat was my favorite one, I used it for 2 years :D But it got torn and that is why I thought to make something out of it. :)