Introduction: How to Play Smoke on the Water(guitar)


Step 1: Introduction.

This instructable is going to show you how to play the most known rock song in the world!SMOKE ON THE WATER!

 This  is also going to be published in the rock contest.So lets hope i might win!Thank you if you think i can win and youre welcome for giving you this insructable!

Step 2: Getting Started.

Ok now what you are going to need is 2.a guitar pick,2.a guitar,and you can use a amp if you want.
ok lets get started!

Step 3: First Strings to Strum.

the first note is an open string note.The two notes are the 4th and 5th strings.

Step 4: Other Notes to Strum.

this time its the same strings but this time youre going to put you finers on the third fret. AT THE SAME TIME!!!

red squares=put you fingers here and strum once.

Step 5: 3rd Note

This time strum the same strings just on the 4th fret.

red still = put fingers here.

Step 6: 4th Note.

again strum a open note 4th and 5th string note like in the first note.

Step 7: 5th

like the second note put your fingers on the third fret and srum the fith and 4th strings together at the same time.

Step 8: 2 Different Notes to Strum.

this time (same strings 5th and 4th strings) but put you fingers on the 6th fret and strum and quickly strum the same strings but on the 5th fret.

Step 9: Finished.

ok now that you have the notes to play write them down practice them and learn to do the song with out looking at the guitar.this is a pretty easy song if you know the notes i might even put up a vidio after the contes so look out for that and i hope you don't find this confuseing and if you do don't be afraid to ask and as i said i might put up a thats all i have to show you so youre welcome and i hope i win or at least get third or second place thank you and by.

ceep on rocking,pease.