Introduction: How to Use Your Bible.

How To Use Your Bible.

There are many people who do not know how to find scriptures in their bibles. If you do not know how then hopefully my post will help you. If you noticed the bible has many books. They are not necessarily in chronological order so that causes some confusion. Don’t let that deter you from studying. The more you read it and come to understand it the more you will understand the order of things. In most bibles there is a table of contents with a list of the books and the page number that they start on. In each book there are chapters. In each chapter there are sentences or some will refer to them as verses. I will show you more clearly in the pictures .

If we wanted to look up the scripture Proverbs 24:1 , then we would open our bible to the table of contents. Sorry the images aren’t clearer, I had to use my phone to take the pictures. Anyways when you look in the table of contents for proverbs you will see the page number that it starts at to the right of the book. In this bible it is page number 398 . So you would turn to page number 398. To find the chapter it will be in larger numbers and the sentences or verses are the smaller size numbers. After you turn to page 398 you would look for the large number 24. Then you would look through the chapter for the second number which is the verse. In this case it would be 1.

This picture shows chapter 24:1 . Now that you know how to look up a scripture try finding Psalm 83:18 you will find God’s name in most bibles. Remember the first number is the chapter and the second number is the verse. If this helps you let me know by leaving a comment.