Introduction: How to Wear a Summer Dress in the Fall

I have all these dresses I wore this summer, and I really wanted to continue to wear them as it got colder. Here is a little instructable on how to do just that. Enjoy!

Step 1: Starting Out

First find a summer dress that you want to use. chose this one because it really could go with just about anything, however I think a floral print would be really nice as well.

Step 2: Adding a Jacket

Then add a cute jacket in corresponding color. I again used a solid color, but that's just a matter a taste.

Step 3: Putting on a Hat

Then, as it gets even colder, add a hat.

Step 4: Pull on a Pair of Pants

Then I added my favorite pair of skinnys as we moved even closer to winter.

Step 5: The End

The addition of the scarf makes it suitable for even a cold blustery winters day.