Introduction: I Made a Little Girl Fishing Wreath

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I made this wreath because my son loved to fish and I had made a boy fishing and thought fishing is for girls also.

I think that anyone can follow the instructions and make this adorable wreath for a girl or boy.

Step 1:

The first step is the base. You will need 21" X 10" jute deco mesh, 15-24" Tinsel work wreath form: burlap. !0" X 10' jute deco mesh, cutting mat, scissors, cut a tube 12" to use as your guide for the mesh puffs.

Step 2:

Make your base using the 12" tube to guide you to each of your ties. Wrap two times around the puff. I always start at the bottom and work around the ten tinsels. When you come to the end just hold the mesh tight and move it to the top tinsel nearest to the bottom . Go around the 8 tinsels at the top. Make sure you cut your excess off.

Step 3:

You will now cut 10 12" pieces from you 10" X 10" roll. When you are making your tube to go around the out side of the wreath just pick up one of your pieces and lay it down on your mat. I try to roll it as tight as I can because it will fluff out when you connect it to you bottom tinsels. You can lay it down and see the six " make then squeeze the tube and untwist the tinsel, place you tube directly into the middle of the tinsel going straight up, now twist the tinsel two times. Go all the way around the ten bottom tinsels.

Step 4:

These are the supplies you will need to make the little girl fishing. You may also make a little boy just by changing the ribbon. I did not picture the pink polka-dot ribbon I ran out. The supplies are not the originals, this wreath is already made. I am just going through the steps and any question you have I will be happy to answer. I use 0-3 month pants and shoes, the hat is a baby hat. I take the pants first and stuff them with the poly-fill. You will want to play with this to make sure it looks the way you want it. I use a hot glue gun to seal the inside top of the pants. I use the socks by placing the toilet paper holder inside, now stuff the sock inside the holder until you feel that it is firm. You now place the sock into the shoe and if the shoe is high enough you do not need to do any stuffing inside the sock. If the shoe is low just put pol-fill in the bottom of the sock to make your foot. Now with the tube inside the sock use the hot clue to go 1/2" down inside the shoe and glue it then rub your finger around the entire shoe. The next step is not hard you just want to make sure that the leg and foot are facing you or forward, slide the leg into the pants and use you hot glue gun to glue all the way around on the inside. Make sure you have centered your legs. Now you have your pants with the leg and shoe on it.

Step 5:

You are now ready to put all the decorations on your wreath. First use a belt or ribbon and slide it through the belt loops. Tie a bow and attache it to the hat if you are making a girl. If it is a boy you do not need to add anything to the hat. Turn the pants over to the back and use pipe cleaner on each side, you should have two belt loops you can slide the pipe cleaner through. Now to secure put a dot of hot glue to secure the pipe cleaner to the loop. Twist the pipe cleaner tight and place the pants at the bottom of your wreath. Secure to the top wire of the bottom of the wreath buy using the pipe cleaners to twist and pull tight. Take the pat and got to the top of the wreath and secure straight above the pants. You may use wire you thread through the hat at the back or tensile ties. Cut your ribbon 12" long and make the end cut on each. Gather three ribbons and put them on by untying the tinsel from the wreath. Place ribbon alternation colors on as many of the tinsel twist that you want. Place the fishing poll at an angle and untwist a tinsel at the bottom and top side, attach by twisting the tinsel back tight. Now the sign has a metal hanger at the top so just place it where you want it and use a piece of wire to secure. The last thing is the cute fish. Cut a fish with the string attached, tie it through the side of the pants. At the top of the wreath use a pipe cleaner to make your hanger. Hope you enjoy doing this wreath as much as I did.