Introduction: Virtual Reality Headset-Google Cardboard

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Hi Guys here's a Simple Tutorial of how to make Google Cardboard, a homemade Virtual Reality Headset.

It'll be achingly Convivial to watch a Horror Movie in this Headset.Also roller coaster Ride video too will be an unforgettable experience.

Warning:May affect eyesight with excessive use.(I cannot confirm if it's True but it something I think is possible.)

Call of Duty Game play:

Roller Coaster Ride VR:

Horror VR:

You can also attach a headband to free your hands.When making cuts for the bending be sure not to cut the whole cardboard but to just make a small incomplete cut only. Hope you enjoy and Don't Forget to Subscribe,Like and comment;Sharing is caring!

Step 1: Cut Out the Template

Cut out the template and paste the lighter Number Circles on top of Dark ones using a glue stick.

Step 2: Paste It on a Cardboard and Cut It Out

Using a Glue stick glue the template onto a cardboard and then neatly cut it out.Cut out only the outter outlines, the inner ones are for bending.

Make incomplete incisions(Like a Surgeon_:) on the inner lines to bend the cardboard.

Step 3: Attaching the Lenses and Putting It Together

Put the cardboard together and use super glue to secure everything in place.Carefully watch the video of how I do it.

Step 4: Enjoy

Get Headphones and a Cell phone.Install a VR app from the Google Play and put the phone in the front and play the video in VR mode. Enjoy!

Note:The guy at the end of the video is not the author.I was making the Video of him at the moment!