Introduction: IPhone Projector.

a cheap way to match movies

Step 1: Get a Box

You will need need a box that is not to long but gives you enough room to focus the picture.

And one that the phone or iPod will fit snug in.

Step 2: Get a Lens

You will also need a lens to go in the box.

You can get a lens from a magnifier glass or maybe an old over head projector.

You will also need some sort of glue to hold the lens in place.

Step 3: Add Foam for Padding

I got a box that was a little big so i took some foam and hot glued it into place.

The distance that from the back foam to lens is good for about 3-4 ft from the projector screen.

Step 4: Make an Easy Access Hatch

this is great for fixing things with out opening it all the way.

Step 5: Finished

I am done for now but i might return to the project to add a speaker or two on the out side.

And i might try go get a over head lens to use.

and as i have said before i am open for idea that you would like to see happen.