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Hi Friends,

I am very happy to add another DIY project for the instructables. This time we are going to make IRON MAN theme wall clock. Let's start



You need this:

1. Cardboard 2. Sketch pen / Pencil 3, Ruler 4. Safety Scissor 5. Old unused clock (for Hour, minute & seconds needle and movement machine) 6. Enamel Paint 7. Radium stickers / Glow Paint (optional)

Step 1: Clock Face

Mark and cut 15 inch diameter circle from the cardboard (choose the clock Size as per your requirement). I took the reference image from the internet, my idea was to draw iron man silhouette inside the ARC Reactor. I made a rough sketch of my idea on to the cardboard and then painted it using BLACK & WHITE Enamel Paint. when the first coat of paint dried, I applied the second one (enamel paint adds glossy finish and strength to the cardboard)

Step 2: Adding Numbers, Needles & Movement Mechanism

you can mark the numbers on the clock using a 360 degree Protractor / Compass.

Downloaded the IRON MAN Font and using the radium sticker I made the numbers 3, 9 & 12 and small triangular pieces indicating the remaining numbers (Advanced version of ARC Reactor is in triangular shape).

After finishing the numbers now its time to add the Hour, Minute & Seconds needle and the clock movement machine. fix the machine behind the cardboard using hot glue / Instant glue. use the neodymium magnets (you can get it from faulty HDD) to hang the clock to the wall fix the needles and its DONE....

The Cool Looking IRON MAN Theme wall Clock

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